The main use of this technology is in commercial and residential buildings where the demand for hot water has a large impact on energy bills. Using hot water for bathing and washing purpose is both hygienic and helps in eliminating germs and bacteria. Hot Water is used for soothing the muscles thereby improving the blood flow. Solar Water Heater helps in the prevention of Legionella Virus which can cause respiratory diseases. Therefore a hot water bath is both rejuvenating and therapeutic.


  Better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  No scale formation will occur by using salt & hard water.
  Compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than 48 hrs.
  Inner tank made of SUS 316L grade surgical steel used in marine applications.
  Auxiliary tank is fitted instead of air vent, withstands high pressure of cold water.

Solar Expertise

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On Grid

Ideal for businesses and institutions that function mostly during day time. Can be integrated with local grid and diesel genset. Dramatically reduces power bill by eliminating your dependence on other power sources during daytime.



Off Grid

Most applicable for businesses that operate round the clock. High performance battery that we install supplies power during load shedding and night time. The solution enables uninterrupted business operations while curbing your power bill.


Net Metering

Take advantage of the surplus energy produced. Export excess energy produced to the grid and offset it against your monthly electricity bill. We help you with the local state policies and paper work to have your Net Meter installed.

Our Process



 TRIPLE LAYER COATING ensures maximum temperature.
  Separate air vent pipe with unique support ensures protection against wind.
 Electrical backup inbuilt for rainy seasons.
  Fully Stainless Steel model available for corrosion protection.
  Hard water compatible (upto 500 ppm) as the salt settles in the glass tube & easily cleanable.
  Vacuum Insulation reduces the conductive heat loss hence efficient than FPC.

In today’s world, solar water heaters are becoming very popular, be it a domestic solar water heater or an industrial solar water heater. Now the question arises, is a solar water heater safe for our health? If any solar panel on my roof is directly exposed to sunlight, can it bring skin problems? As far as sunrays are concerned, the water you consume by using a solar water heater is completely safe for your consumption.

Home Heating Systems

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause many problems to our health, like cancer and DNA damage. Not only that, but it can also result in ozone layer depletion that causes great harm to our environment. But the sun rays also contain infra-red radiation and this helps in heating the water in the best solar water heating system. Therefore, we can say that hot water generated by a domestic solar water heater is safe to use. However, it is recommended not to use that water for drinking purposes. Clean tap water is indeed entering into the water heater but the metal used to make the piping of the water heater can contain a huge amount of metals, like cadmium, manganese, lead, arsenic, and many other poisonous substances that can be harmful to our health. In course of time, the poisonous substances will get dissolved in water and if this water is used for drinking or cooking purposes then it can directly affect our health. Consuming lead and mercury for a long period might affect the protein synthesis of our body and can result in reduced body growth, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, can cause fetal malformation in pregnant women, and many other diseases visit The Cost Shed.

However, there are many benefits of using an industrial solar water heater or a solar water heater for your home. Those are – clean and efficient water heating, non-intrusive, easy to maintain, no noise production, renewable energy source (can never get finished), and long-lasting

This blog makes it very clear that the water heated up by a solar water heating solution for home/industry is absolutely safe to use except for drinking purpose. Thus, buying a solar water heater will be the best decision for you if you are interested in a long-term investment. Solostar is economical, safe, durable, and eco-friendly. We are one of the best solar water heater manufacturers in West Bengal. So don’t wait and get your Solostar Water Heater now!