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Solar photovoltaic (pv) modules generate electricity from sunlight, which can be fed into the main electricity supply of a building or sold to the public electricity grid. Reducing the need for fossil fuel generation, the growing grid-connected solar PV sector across the globe is helping create jobs, enabling families and businesses to save money, and cutting greenhouse. The Conversion of sunlight into electricity improves the huge amount of electricity ranging from 392 MW to 0.25 MW in very large metropolitan cities. Large scale solar power plants are mainly used in electronic power grids which could able to store power and use it for later purposes.


   24 hours uninterrupted electricity supply assured.
  Specially designed batteries for solar application with 5 years warranty.
   Power conditioning unit with priority to solar charging ensures maximum savings of electricity.
   Return on investment is around 10 years.

Solar Expertise

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On Grid

Ideal for businesses and institutions that function mostly during day adult game online time. Can be integrated with local grid and diesel genset. Dramatically reduces power bill by eliminating your dependence on other power sources during daytime.


Off Grid

Most applicable for businesses that operate round the clock. High performance battery that we install supplies power during load shedding and night time. Check france-ipad. The solution enables uninterrupted business operations while curbing your power bill.


Net Metering

Take advantage of the surplus energy produced. Export excess energy produced to the grid and offset it against your monthly electricity bill. We help you with the local state policies and paper work to have your Net Meter installed.

Our Process



 TRIPLE LAYER COATING ensures maximum temperature.
  Separate air vent pipe with unique support ensures protection against wind.
 Electrical backup inbuilt for rainy seasons.
  Fully Stainless Steel model available for corrosion protection.
  Hard water compatible (upto 500 ppm) as the salt settles in the glass tube & easily cleanable.
  Vacuum Insulation reduces the conductive heat loss hence efficient than FPC.